SRP DataStation powers up to support grid, data center growth

The prototype Salt River Project DataStation, a project for the next generation data center, began operations this week at an SRP substation in Gilbert, Arizona.

Data center capacity has been installed at an existing electric substation and has now been powered up to provide consumers with an unprecedented source of reliable power that is connected directly to the electric grid.

After an initial pilot, the partnership between SRP, the largest provider of power and water to the Phoenix area, and BASELAYER, an advanced modular data center hardware and software company, will begin the next phase by deploying additional data center capacity in locations near existing electrical infrastructure across SRP’s 375-square-mile electric service territory.

The DataStation concept is projected by SRP and BASELAYER as a solution that would allow for data center growth with minimal impact to Valley communities. By eliminating the need for extensive overhead power lines into commercial and residential territories, data center growth will now occur at the power substation – enabling local economic development efforts while providing customers with expansive, reliable power.

DataStations will eliminate the need for SRP to build new power lines to serve new or existing co-location or enterprise data center facilities, which takes both time and money and result in higher costs to SRP’s customers. And, by moving data centers closer to the transmission source, instead of at the endpoints of the transmission system, SRP can provide reliable power and reduced infrastructure complexity, resulting in cost savings for customers looking to effectively and efficiently run their business.

SRP anticipates that DataStations will play a critical role as a hub for the computing grid in the years to come. SRP plans to build its DataStations where highly reliable power and telecommunications intersect to deliver another critical resource to customers. These DataStations would then be populated with BASELAYER EDGE modular data centers, which will provide a “Just-in-Time” growth model for data center expansion. The EDGE product line is also ideally suited for the use case of True Utility Compute.

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