Survalent commissions distribution management system for Ecuador utility

Survalent Technology has commissioned a new advanced distribution management system for Empresa Electrica Publica de Guayaquil, Ecuador.

The Empresa Electrica Publica de Guayaquil is a generation, distribution and commercialization company of electrical energy located in Guayaquil city in Ecuador. EEPG serves about 620,000 residential, commercial, industrial and government customers with a total installed capacity at substations of 1,082 MVA.

Ten substations were commissioned during the first stage and fifteen substations were added during the second stage to Survalent’s distribution management system consisting of SCADA, outage management (OMS) and distribution management (DMS) for a total of 25 substations at their system. Every substation has Survalent SCOUT station controllers for device integration.

The new EEPG’ system includes Survalent’s applications, such as: WorldView, command sequencing, event data recording, external bells, pager annunciation, master and standby, switch orders, control panel, disturbance capture, video surveillance, operation/outage accounting, system configuration status, alarm suppression and SCADA replicator.

EEPG’s system also includes the following protocols and interfaces: DNP 3.0, ICCP, OPC client/server, IEC 61850, MultiSpeak interfaces for connectivity import, customer information system, advanced meter infrastructure (AMI), call handling, automatic vehicles location, historical and web servers.

Advanced modules include: OMS, DMS and energy balance. The OMS is fed with the connectivity data from the Intergraph GIS, commercial system and contact center, trouble call system, and events and crew management system. DMS allows EEPG to manage load flow, fault detection, isolation and restoration and volt/var control. Energy balance involves the calculation of total technical losses, estimates of energy sold in the hour and balance of power.


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