Survalent commissions SCADA for city of Manassas, Virginia

Survalent Technology, a provider of smart grid solutions, commissioned a new Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for the City of Manassas, Virginia.

The city of Manassas owns and maintains the electric distribution system within its city limits. The electrical system consists of 205 miles of primary lines, 15,150 electric meters, six electric substations and 31 diesel generators that are used to reduce electric costs in the city.

They are a member of Municipal Electric Power Association of Virginia (MEPAV) and Virginia Municipal Electric Association No. 1 (VMEA1).

The new system features Survalent’s open-architecture system based on Windows Server. It includes several of Survalent’s open system applications, including: WorldView, SmartVU, SCADA Explorer, Command Sequence, Event Data Recording, SCADA Add-In, Master/Slave Alarm Suppression, Remote Alarm Annunciation, Switch Order Preparation, Load Curtailment, Power Factor Control, Dynamic Voltage Reduction, SCADA Replicator, WebSurv, Virtual RTU, System Configuration Status and MultiSpeak Interfaces.

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