Symposium Technologies launches new event response and fleet management system

June 13, 2002 — Symposium Technologies has released the Horizon Event Management Environmentâ„- – a decision support and event response system that incorporates call taking, dispatching, AVL, and GIS components in one flexible, scalable and extensible turnkey package.

While designed specifically for public safety agencies, the EME’s inherent customizability and excellent pricing allow it to seamlessly meet the needs of any number of other organizations and businesses, in such industries as utilities and any other market with a need for sophisticated unit-based event and response management.

The Horizon EME is customizable, with its component-based structure enabling clients to mix and match specific capabilities to reflect their needs, priorities and requirements. The net result is that no two deployments of the EME need look or behave exactly the same.

The Horizon EME is a multi-agency application, allowing for any number of departments or business units to be managed from one system while maintaining their unique response masks, operational protocols, resource pools, and unit id’s. The EME is also supports multi-jurisdictional event management, enabling one system to handle live-time event management for any number of locales, across any number of time zones.

The Horizon EME was built from the ground up to be fully wireless aware. It incorporates real time GPS-based AVL, and comes configured to work with a whole host of wireless networks, such as CDPD and even satellite.

The EME incorporates a number of GIS options, including ESRI Map Objectsâ„-, Microsoft Map pointâ„-, and Symposium’s own proprietary HorizonMapâ„-, providing scalable GIS-based solutions that even work in situations where the client does not possess an existing municipal GIS template.

The Horizon EME works with all Enterprise-level databases such as SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, and MS-Jet and is ODBC compliant, resulting in a fully scalable system that can work with a client’s existing installed base of technology. The EME also incorporates the ability to integrate with existing alarm panel hardware to provide central station capability.

The pricing for the full-feature version EME is extremely competitive, making it an extremely powerful value proposition for departments, organizations and businesses of all sizes and budgets. Symposium Technologies is currently seeking to develop distribution partnerships with companies and consultants active in the public safety area or adjacent market who are interested in adding a powerful, cutting edge dispatch system to their product mix. For more information, please contact

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