Tampa Electric seeking power sources for 2017

Tampa, Fla., March 16, 2012 — To accommodate customer growth and to replace purchased-power agreements due to expire, Tampa Electric will need additional sources of power in five years.

The company is issuing a request for proposals March 23 to solicit competitive bids to address Tampa Electric‘s future power needs, in accordance with Florida Public Service Commission rules.

Tampa Electric is considering expanding its Polk Power Station by about 460 MW, or enough electricity to power more than 100,000 homes. The expansion would convert the four existing simple-cycle natural gas units to more efficient combined-cycle units by January 2017.

If selected as the best and most cost-effective option, the Polk conversion would capture the waste heat of the existing combustion turbines and nearly double the output of the gas-fired units without the need to purchase additional land. The project also would improve transmission reliability and dramatically reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide.

Using a competitive bidding process, the company will either expand its Polk Power Station or purchase power from other companies — selecting whichever provides the best value to customers based on cost, reliability and flexibility, as well as environmental performance. Tampa Electric will complement its long-term conventional generation portfolio, including this generation need, with energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives.

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