Test Cables

Omicron has developed test cables to simplify testing of distribution reclosers and sectionalizers, including their controllers and switches, for use with the CMC 356/256 test sets. Each recloser and sectionalizer contains a switch and a controller connected via a control cable provided by the device manufacturer. Each Omicron test cable is built with all components necessary to make a direct connection from the test device at one end to the CMC at the other end. Each test cable package has been designed to allow testing of all functionality that the manufacturer provided in the control cable, including sample test plans and instructions for connecting and using the test cables. Omicron test cable systems simulate the switch end with all of its voltages, currents and status signals to give the controller all system conditions for which the tester needs to test without changing settings.


Pocket-sized Rugged Computer

General Dynamics Itronix introduces the new, fully rugged, pocket-sized GD2000. About the size of two stacked paperback books, the GD2000 provides the ultramobility of a handheld computer with the powerful performance of a full-sized notebook. GD2000 weighs just more than 2 pounds and comes with the Intel ultralow-voltage core solo processor, highly sensitive GPS and a 5.6-inch daylight-viewable DynaVue touch screen display. Battery-conserving, sunlight-viewable DynaVue touch screen display delivers crisp, clear images of maps and videos in full sunlight. New zoom-in and zoom-out keyboard button lets users quickly and accurately adjust map and image views. And integrated hard drive slot enables users to swap hard drives easily without tools.
General Dynamics Itronix



Thermal Sensor

Utility Risk Management Corp. (URMC) reported that a character evaluation conducted at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) confirmed its new thermal sensor, Thermal Direct, can measure transmission line temperatures accurately when used across a broad spectrum of conductors and field conditions. During controlled outdoor testing at EPRI’s high-voltage laboratory in Lenox, Mass., Thermal Direct measurements were compared to EPRI line monitors. Thermal Direct measured the conductor temperature with root mean squared error below 5 C when conductor temperature varied in a range typical to operating transmission lines. All EPRI and URMC measurements were kept separated until the completion of each test series, and the results do not represent an EPRI endorsement of Thermal Direct.



Transformer Spill Kit

New Pig Corp. has introduced the Gig Transformer Spill Kit for cleaning up large quantities of transformer oil leaks or spills outdoors. UV-resistant, the black, completely opaque polyethylene containe, blocks sunlight from degrading the contents and container for up to 8,000 hours. Ideal for storage and use outdoors, the Gig Transformer Spill Kit contains enough oil-only absorbent mats, pillows and booms to absorb up to 40 gallons of transformer oils on water or land. Personal protection equipmentnis included with the kit to help protect spill responders.hThe kit features a leak-proof, twist-on lid and a tamper-proof seal to protect against pilfering. Integrated ledges molded into the container allow the kit to be moved with a forklift.
New Pig Corp.

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