The queen did what?

by Rod Litke, CEO, CS Week

Innovation: whether it is genius or collective diligence, innovation is the engine of meaningful change, momentum or financial success.

It is the hallmark of organizational growth, development and breakthrough thinking–and people.

While CS Week won’t be pictured in the dictionary under “innovation,” the collective efforts of untold numbers of utility professionals are creating the most robust, varied and, yes, innovative CS Week in our 37-year history.

Key Account Forum joins Executive Summit as an invitation-only meeting for these top professionals to dialogue and learn in a stimulating atmosphere.

Two new Synergy Groups join this active venue. Green Button Synergy Group features a presentation by Chris Irwin from the Department of Energy.

Expect the most current news, views and applications from this full-day session. Smart Infrastructure Synergy Group explores the burgeoning facets and impact of the exploding technology across electric, gas and water utilities.

CS Week is proud to work with the Canadian Electricity Association to develop Canada Day into a full workshop overlay on Wednesday, May 1.

An energized slate of speakers will address the challenges, successes and opportunities that are often unique to Canadian utilities.

CS Week Executive Summit celebrates its 10th anniversary in Tampa, Fla., with two days of rigorous executive-level discussions and insights.

Presentations address maximizing the value of the astounding amount of data Summit attendees now face, revenue protection, return on investment on projects and customer engagement–all elements of the changing face of utilities.

Three days of water-related workshops in every timeslot and water utility speakers in all segments of the Customer Experience Lifecycle characterize our renewed commitment to the needs of water and wastewater utilities.

CS Week launched in 1976–the year Steve Jobs founded Apple, Queen Elizabeth sent the first royal email and Ted Turner bought the Braves.

Our mission then as now is to provide pertinent, top-quality educational sessions to the meter-to-cash segment of utilities.

The business is full of innovative new words in 2013, but the proof is still in the value of educational opportunities.

Rod Litke, CEO, CS Week
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Tampa Convention Center | Tampa, Fla. | April 29 — May 3, 2013

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