Heading off grid disaster: it’s about time

The world’s GNSS has never been more integral to daily lives than it is now. It is like an invisible utility, as vital as power or water. The position, navigation, and time (PNT) information it provides is crucial to the reliable functioning of critical infrastructure such as energy, telecommunications, transportation, emergency services and financial transaction networks.

Building More Sustainable Grids by Improving Renewables Forecasting and Integration

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During this session, hear from Robbie Berglund and Rob D'Arienzo of IBM, on how AI is helping achieve more accurate predictions due to the advantages provided by combining large-scale geospatial data and analytics with relevant data sources including wind and irradiance forecasts.

When Traditional Overhead Construction Is Not an Option

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This webinar we will review Aerial Spacer Cable applications relative to the many overhead circuit challenges faced by electric utilities today. These applications include limited right of way, multiple circuits, substation exits, long spans, weather extremes and vegetation management.

The Increasing Importance of Advanced Weather Technologies In Building Utility Operations and Field Services...

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In this session, we will share how the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning in combination with modern modeling techniques, geospatial data and predictive analytics is enabling utilities to build greater resilience across their utility operations and field services organizations. John Villali from IDC will share his perspectives on the key benefits of these technologies while Rob Berglund from IBM will share examples of clients who are benefiting from their use.

Two new NARUC reports focus on Covid lessons learned; government funding opportunities

The publications recommend actions for improved energy systems resilience and lessons from covid-19 pandemic.

What’s in the now-passed infrastructure bill

The $1 trillion infrastructure plan that now goes to President Joe Biden to sign into law has money for roads, bridges, ports, rail transit, safe water, the power grid, broadband internet and more.

Burns & Mac completes Jayhawk switching station for Evergy

The 161-kV Evergy Jayhawk Switching Station that was constructed to connect a 195-MW wind farm in southern Kansas is now complete.

PNM taps EDM to help with visual inspection and inventory of T&D equipment

EDM International will fly a helicopter equipped with cameras directly above powerlines, capturing high-resolution images that PNM will use to review vegetation, rights-of-way, and integrity of its electric structures. 

Mainers vote to halt $1B electric transmission line

Mainers voiced their disapproval Tuesday for a 145-mile (233-kilometer) conduit for Canadian hydropower that was billed as either a bold step in battling climate change or unnecessary destruction of woodlands.

Sunrise Wind offshore project will be first to use HVDC transmission system

New York's Sunrise Wind project will be the first offshore wind farm in the U.S. to be connected to the grid using a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system.

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