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How Utilities Can Prepare for a Digital-First World

Wednesday January 26 2022 | 10:30 AM CST

Discover how your organization can navigate a digital transformation to improve operational efficiencies, strengthen customer relationships, and accelerate its road to net-zero.

Attaining Sustainability: 3 Models of Utility Modernization

Wednesday January 26 2022 | 12 PM CST

Join us for an insightful panel discussion that will explore real-world examples of each configuration model across North America, Europe, and within developing nations. Panelists will share perspectives from utilities around the world.

Building More Sustainable Grids by Improving Renewables Forecasting and Integration

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During this session, hear from Robbie Berglund and Rob D'Arienzo of IBM, on how AI is helping achieve more accurate predictions due to the advantages provided by combining large-scale geospatial data and analytics with relevant data sources including wind and irradiance forecasts.

PNM finalizes Western Spirit Transmission Line purchase

Public Service Company of New Mexico said today that it has closed on its purchase of the Western Spirit transmission line and service under the Transmission Service Agreements has begun.

Con Ed proposes transmission network to bring offshore wind energy onshore

Con Edison, the New York utility company, is planning to build an electric transmission facility off the coast of New Jersey to connect multiple offshore wind projects and bring the power ashore.

Heading off grid disaster: it’s about time

The world’s GNSS has never been more integral to daily lives than it is now. It is like an invisible utility, as vital as power or water. The position, navigation, and time (PNT) information it provides is crucial to the reliable functioning of critical infrastructure such as energy, telecommunications, transportation, emergency services and financial transaction networks.

Why underground cables are a better long-term choice for utilities

Let’s take a closer look at why underground cables are an excellent long-term choice by diving into what underground cables are, the benefits and the current state of cables in the US.

Transmission corridors are needed to connect US consumers to zero-emission electricity

In the context of well-defined NIETCs and FERC’s muscled-up permitting authority, free of state obstruction, essential transmission grid buildouts could be fast-tracked and cost-responsibility fairly allocated consistent with a realistic accounting of widely shared benefits.

New T&D conductor company attracts $25M from major utility investment funds

TS Conductor Corp., a company producing high-efficiency conductors for electricity grids, announced that Breakthrough Energy Ventures, National Grid Partners and a subsidiary of NextEra Energy have joined Talkot and Hervé Touati in its oversubscribed Series A financing, for a total $25 million in funding.

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