TWACS® AMR 30-day orders break $30 million mark

ST. LOUIS, Oct. 24, 2001 – Distribution Control Systems, Inc. (DCSI) announced today the approval and signing of seven contracts totaling in excess of $30 million in orders for full system deployments of DCSI’s Two-Way Automatic Communications System (TWACS) multifunctional Power Line Carrier (PLC) Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system.

The seven contracts for TWACS system transponders, substation communications equipment and management software were awarded within the first month of DCSI’s 2002 fiscal year. Contract deliveries are in progress.

Lee County Electric Cooperative, Inc. signed a 160,000-point contract for full system AMR deployment, the second largest AMR award by a consumer-owned utility, surpassed in size only by Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC), a TWACS customer for five years.

Pedernales Electric Cooperative, serving over 161,000 members, approved and signed a purchase order for an additional 61,300 TWACS transponders to facilitate their plans for system-wide AMR, on-request readings services and load profiling.

They are the largest electric cooperative in Texas and among the largest in the nation. PEC’s future plans include implementation of additional value-added services including remote disconnect/connect, line voltage monitoring and outage functions.

Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative is deploying TWACS for their 50,000-plus residential sites and approximately 700 commercial/industrial locations, and plan to commence hourly interval reads, remote disconnect service and line-voltage monitoring. Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative selected the TWACS multi-functional system for full-system deployment, offering their 50,000 members reliability, speed and accuracy, time-of-use rates, hourly interval data, line voltage and outage/restoration monitoring.

System-wide TWACS AMR installation for Co-Mo Electric Cooperative’s 28,000-plus customers will include energy measurement functionality, outage and meter-tampering detection and field maintenance programs.

Lake Region Electric Cooperative selected the TWACS load management system to replace their obsolete load control system for water heating and space heating for their 28,000 rural members. Clay Electric Cooperative in Illinois conducted technology studies for a new AMR system and decided on a system-wide installation of TWACS, providing their 3,100 members with hourly interval data profiling.

They also will utilize TWACS to check on phase balancing and loading, monitor line voltage, and obtain outage information and mapping.

Martin Kaiser, President of DCSI commented, “With the receipt of these new orders, we are off to an excellent start in fiscal 2002, and continue to build on the momentum we established in fiscal 2001. In fiscal 2001, DCSI’s new orders totaled a record $103 million. The demand for high reliability, proven and cost-effective utility communications systems continues to grow.”

DCSI, a subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc., is located in St. Louis, Missouri, and has manufactured and marketed the highly successful and field-proven TWACS two-way power line communication technology for over 20 years.

TWACS cost-effectively provides unique capabilities ideally suited for AMR, Load Control, Interval Data, TOU/Real-Time Pricing, Line-Voltage Monitoring, Outage/Restoration Data, Disconnect/Connect, and Tamper/Theft Detection using open architecture interfaces.

TWACS uses the existing power lines for data transmission, and since it modulates the waveform at the zero crossing point, it uses the utility’s network at the frequency for which it was designed. For more information visit

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