UtiliCorp Networks Canada chooses Intergraph’s Geomedia Technology for managing mission-critical utility data

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., May 14, 2002 — Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions announced that UtiliCorp Networks Canada has chosen GeoMedia® technology as its primary geographic information system (GIS) for managing mission-critical utility data.

An electrical distribution company, UtiliCorp is responsible for two-thirds of the electric energy management in the province of Alberta. The goal of this project is to give municipalities and energy companies quick access to UtiliCorp electrical data. Project planners will accomplish this by implementing GeoMedia Professional to capture data from their FRAMMEâ„- system.

They will use GeoMedia WebMap to make the data available on the Web. In the past, UtiliCorp has manually provided hardcopy maps or fulfilled digital map requests. Their new GIS will allow users to view online facilities in specific land locations in the province of Alberta.

UtiliCorp Networks Canada will design and deploy a Web site for employees, neighboring towns, and energy companies to view data about the electrical distribution network. With the data published electronically, UtiliCorp’s mapping team will gain valuable time and save money because they will no longer be required to field mapping calls.

Pat Drinnan, supervisor of Mapping and Facility Records for UtiliCorp, comments, “We’re looking forward to the completion of our GeoMedia Web-based application. Several municipalities are requesting viewing access and digital data cuts. Our decision to implement GeoMedia WebMap will enable us to provide this service in a timely and cost-effective manner by making data available to a broad base of users and customers.”

UtiliCorp Networks Canada
UtiliCorp Networks Canada is in the business of energy distribution. Its operations are a matter of public record, and representatives are available to respond to public and media interested in their industry. The organization’s primary focus in Alberta is low-voltage power distribution. The field service team also responds to outages and installs services for 400,000 residential and commercial customers.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions
Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions brings together geospatial and information technology to help customers achieve their business goals. Intergraph serves government agencies and commercial enterprises worldwide with end-to-end geospatial solutions for cartography and map production and enterprisewide mapping and GIS. The company provides customer support and services ranging from project implementation to production.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions is a division of Intergraph Corporation (NASDAQ: INGR), Huntsville, Ala., and does business in more than 60 countries through its wholly owned subsidiaries and global distributor and partner network. For more information, visit www.intergraph.com/imgs.

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