Utility Automation & Engineering T&D magazine will cover the power grid from end to end

Sept. 4, 2003 — PennWell Corp. is pleased to announce that one of its established and respected power industry publications will be unveiling a new title and an expanded focus to better serve the transmission and distribution (T&D) segment of the electric utility industry.

Beginning with its November/December 2003 issue, Utility Automation magazine will become Utility Automation & Engineering T&D.

Since its inception in 1996, Utility Automation magazine has been the electric utility authority on power delivery automation, control and IT systems. The new publication, Utility Automation & Engineering T&D, will continue to focus on automation, control and IT, but in addition will expand its coverage to include the entire power T&D infrastructure.

“We’ll cover the power system from the generating plant switchyard all the way to the customer’s meter-including all the hardware, equipment, software and engineering advancements in between,” said Steve Brown, senior associate editor of Utility Automation & Engineering T&D. “With the change in title and focus, we’ll be a much more complete T&D magazine for the utility industry.”

While the plans for Utility Automation & Engineering T&D have been in the works for quite some time, the official launch of the publication couldn’t have come at a more significant time for the power industry. As a result of the blackout that hit the northeastern U.S. and parts of Canada, the call for increased investment and improvement in the T&D grid has never been louder.

The power delivery system that was designed to carry locally generated power to local customers was not built to handle the needs of an evolving power market. Nor was it designed with the power demands of an increasingly digital society in mind. The blackout in the Northeast brought into sharp focus the urgent need for a revamp of the power grid.

Through both staff-written articles and articles contributed by utility industry participants, Utility Automation & Engineering T&D will take a tech-savvy look at the problems facing the modern power delivery system-and publish potential solutions to those problems.

“It’s time for electric utilities-and the various regulatory bodies-to take a hard look at what we have out there in the field and figure out what needs to be done to ensure power system reliability,” Brown said. “We intend to provide a forum for that continuing discussion in the pages of Utility Automation & Engineering T&D.”

While the use of automation and control systems in electric power T&D has been revolutionary, the next step in the evolution of power delivery will be just as important.

“In the coming years, not only will automation and control be put to better and wider use, but our aging-in some cases almost decrepit-system of power delivery equipment will be brought up-to-date to fulfill the needs of an increasingly digital world,” Brown said. “It will be an exciting time to cover power delivery.”

Subjects to be covered in upcoming issues of Utility Automation & Engineering T&D include:

“- Upgrading the transmission system
“- Outage management
“- Enhancing power reliability through automation
“- Automatic meter reading
“- Substation construction and automation
“- Innovations in T&D line design

The new publication will also include a regularly occurring department called “Getting Equipped,” which will take an in-depth look at a different piece of power delivery equipment-such as transmission towers, power lines, transformers and other T&D hardware-in each issue.

Utility Automation & Engineering T&D officially launches with the November/December 2003 issue, and will publish bi-monthly. Utility industry participants who wish to contribute articles to the publication can contact Steve Brown at (918) 831-9579 or stevenb@pennwell.com. Companies interested in advertising should contact publisher Michael Grossman at michaelg@pennwell.com or (918) 831-9500.

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