Vermont’s smallest electric utilities on track for AMI, GIS and data analytics software

Vermont Public Power Supply Authority (VPPSA) and mPower Innovations announced this week a strategic partnership to bring affordable mapping software and data analytics to 11 community-owned electric utilities. It is a first step in deploying future utility technology advancements, including VPPSA’s anticipated 2021 rollout of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for Vermont’s smallest electric utilities. 

VPPSA is a joint action agency that provides services and solutions to their member municipal electric utilities and their combined 30,000 customers. mPower Innovations is a GIS software developer geared towards creating innovative utility solutions. 

Under the partnership mPower and VPPSA will build and maintain a geographic information system (GIS) mapping program for each VPPSA member utility. A services and software licensing agreement allows VPPSA and its members access to mPower’s Integrator software, which retrieves data from AMI meters and enables geospatially-based load analysis, voltage analysis, interconnection studies, and insight into energy use trends. VPPSA members can also use the software for multiple purposes including asset management, preventative maintenance, vegetation management, and outage tracking and analysis.

“GIS mapping and circuit modeling provide a solid foundation from which to build out further technological innovations, but it’s a service that small utilities may struggle to afford on their own,” said VPPSA General Manager Ken Nolan. “VPPSA is constantly exploring opportunities to bring economies of scale benefits to our members. We are grateful to mPower for developing an accessible price structure and think this arrangement could serve as a model to joint action agencies around the country.”

“We have a strong customer base in New England and I’m excited to see VPPSA’s vision becoming realized with our software offerings,” said mPower founder Greg Calcari. “Our IntegratorTM product is a powerful and flexible tool, and we are only beginning to tap the benefits it will bring to VPPSA and its members.”

VPPSA has hired a full-time GIS Technician to work with member utilities and mPower to successfully deploy mapping software.

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