Xcel Energy to use GeoDigital’s software for vegetation management

Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy has chosen to implement GeoDigital’s WorkStudio work management system for vegetation management and pole maintenance. More than 700 contractor personnel and company employees in eight states will use the system for day-to-day management of vegetation and wood pole maintenance.

In selecting WorkStudio, Xcel Energy sought a geospatial solution to help meet the following goals:

·      Replace their legacy vegetation management system with a system that emphasized budgeting, analytics and geospatial modeling,

·      Improve the processes for transmission and distribution wood pole inspection, treatment, replacement, reinforcement and quality control,

·      Automate field force activities to improve dispatched and collected work with third-party vegetation and pole inspection crews, as well as,

·      Automate the surrounding pre-planning, inspection, work completion and quality control activities,

·      Drive efficient work management and more effective risk management.

GeoDigital will supply Xcel Energy with its WorkStudio platform including WorkPlanner for budgeting and program cycle management, VegWorks for mobile vegetation assessments and audits, VegWorker for contractor production reporting, and InfoCenter for enterprise visibility into activity status and budget performance.


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