ZBB Energy Corp. designs behind the meter energy storage battery

Energy management firm ZBB Energy Corp. introduced its ZnBr flow battery designed for behind the meter energy storage applications in the commercial and industrial building market.

The Agile Flow Battery has been engineered based on ZBB’s flow battery design experience and lab tested at ZBB and Meineng Energy, ZBB’s China joint venture company. The Agile Flow Battery enables a large amount of energy to be deployed from a relatively small “footprint” within a building, for applications requiring up to 8 hours of discharged energy.

The distributed energy generation market for commercial and industrial (C&I) buildings is in the early stages of what is predicted to be phenomenal growth. While implementation of solar photovoltaic is now common in many regions, the implementation of energy storage into the distributed generation system is in its nascent stage and can enable the owner of the building to perform many more applications that can both reduce electricity expense and generate cash for the stakeholders.

The building owner can use the Agile Flow Battery to consume hours’ worth of energy stored during low rate time periods for use during high rate time periods, perform peak shaving, store underused PV energy for later use, participate in demand response programs with “smart export” of electricity to the utility, and access critical back-up power for elevators or other emergency load requirements in the event of a grid outage.

The Agile Flow Battery is available for configurations of up to 1 MWh, with shipments beginning in the second half of 2015.

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