How to Create Digital As-Builts with High-Accuracy GPS Using Electric Utility Construction Crews

Veteran Power Infrastructure (VPI), an electric utility contractor operating in California, was faced with new digital as-built requirements and asked: can electric utilities use construction crews to create digital as-builts and capture high-accuracy GPS data? 

While utility digital transformation continues to expand, a gap in the Design>As-Built>GIS workflow remains filled with paper.  Construction as-builts are still recorded on paper introducing error and inefficiency to a critical workflow.  However, some electric utilities are starting to require digital as-builts and high-accuracy GPS. 

In order to comply with a large utility’s digital as-built requirements of high-accuracy GPS and +/-0.2’ accuracy, VPI deployed Locusview’s digital as-builting technology to capture records during construction. 

This webinar will present how VPI quickly configured and deployed Locusview’s digital as-builting solution to its construction crews who were collecting data within 4 hours of in-field training. VPI now regularly collects digital as-built data with a mobile application and high-accuracy GPS providing improved construction efficiency, real-time construction oversight and optimized project costs.

Presented by:

Danny Petrecca

Vice President Business Development, LocusView

Presented by:

Zack Chancellor

Project Manager, Charge EPC