How Utilities Can Leverage Analytics to Enhance Asset Security

The utility ecosystem is a gargantuan OT machine made up of generation, and transmission and distribution assets such as power plants, substations and T&D lines. These assets are often connected and controlled by millions of networked, digital devices all creating new and potential vulnerable vectors for hackers to exploit or attack. 

See how machine learning, AI and data analytics can be used to monitor and maintain the security of your power assets. We’ll also explain how to leverage data from digital and analog sources to extend asset lifecycles, and system reliability and safety.

Please join us for this event sponsored by Atos and Nozomi Networks.

Presented by:

Paul Smith

Director, Product Research & Strategy, Nozomi Networks

Presented by:

Mazi Fayazfar

CTO, Telecom, Media & Utilities, Atos N. America