The Future of Distribution Grids – Two Visions, A World Apart

Whether your service territory is urban, rural or somewhere in between, advance distribution management systems (ADMS) have become crucial for utilities like yours to manage growing complexity while driving operational efficiency and customer service excellence. With DER penetration surging and wildfire risks looming large, Australian utility United Energy, which serves the major city of Melbourne and surrounding areas, is relying more and more on the advanced functionality of its ADMS to ensure continuous improvement to reliability and operational efficiency. Across the Pacific Ocean and almost 10,000 miles away, U.S. utility Louisville Gas & Electric/ Kentucky Utilities has a very different climate, but it too relies on its newly upgraded ADMS to drive operational excellence. Hear from both utilities as they discuss their vision for the role that ADMS and adjacent technologies such as mobile apps and DERMS will play in addressing their system needs.

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