Unlocking New Revenue and Stabilizing Electric Grids with Energy Storage

ElectraNet’s ESCRI-SA* grid-connected 30 MW / 8 MWh battery energy storage solution (BESS) has drastically reduced outages—from 8 hours down to 30 minutes—within its first six months of operation, improving network stability, minimizing renewable curtailment and maximizing reliability.

Join ABB’s industry experts John Glassmire and Stanislav Cherevatskiy for an online discussion on BESS. The webinar will focus on high-value services such as virtual synchronous generator, black start and virtual inertia, among others. Learn to replicate the ESCRI success story in your network!

If you want to find out more about the ESCRI project in preparation for the webinar, please visit: https://www.escri-sa.com.au/about/

*Energy Storage for Commercial Renewable Integration, South Australia

Presented by:

John Glassmire

Senior Advisor, Grid Edge Solutions, ABB

Presented by:

Stanislav Cherevatskiy

Senior Consulting Engineer, Grid Edge, Energy Storage and Microgrids, ABB